About Shannon Knight

Shannon Knight has made the UK her home after living most of her life in the USA.  She is a teacher, public speaker, workshop leader, team-builder, writer, illustrator, artist, and hosts the online podcasts “You Can Reset” and “Creative Spirit Café.”

After receiving her BA in Fine Arts & Communications, and Masters in Education, Shannon went on to teach art, drama, and writing for 7 years in the public schools.  After the schools started cutting the creative programs, and focusing on “teaching to the tests”  Shannon knew it was time to go into a new direction.

Shannon then trained for 4 years as a meditation teacher, intuitive counselor and life coach.  For the last 15 years, Shannon’s main mission has been to help bring more joy into people’s lives through the use of meditation, intuition, energy healing, journal writing, creating art, connecting with others through team-building, and having fun through interactive games.  She knows that every aspect of our lives is affected by our emotional well-being.  Fun is vital and necessary for us all to live richer, healthier, and happier lives.

Shannon’s approach to teaching is practical, playful, and experiential oriented.  Her lighthearted approach reminds people not to take life and themselves too serious.  She always encourages people to step outside their comfort zone, to try new things, to connect with others, and more importantly, to have more fun in life!

When Shannon isn’t teaching or leading workshops, she can be found enjoying walks in the English countryside, journaling in cafes,  painting art, spending time with her husband Peter, and hanging out with their happy fat cat, Thor.

Fun Facts

  • Over the years Shannon has done 8000+ one-on-one sessions with happy clients
  • Clients hailing from: USA, Canada, UK, Scotland, Ireland, Japan, Belgium
  • as well as the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, South Africa and Norway
  • Taught over 2000 students
  • 50 of which have gone on to teach others professionally
  • Hosted & guested on over 360 radio shows
  • Performed intuitive readings for 3 celebrities
  • Holds a BA in Fine Arts & Communication and a Masters in Education
  • Also completed over 20 different courses and programs
  • These courses covered meditation, holistic healing, spiritual techniques and intuitive training
  • Before embarking on her professional practice, she dedicated 1500 hours to learning and practice

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