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Shannon Creates!

This spring I am launching a new project where I will be sharing my creative journey online. The goal is to motivate others to pick up their brush, camera, instrument or pen and get creating too.

Creative Spark Game

We are all creative.

When we’re not creating or experiencing something new each day our lives can start to feel dull, boring, uninspiring, and even stuck in a yuck rut. On top of that, if we don’t take time each day to be still, we fail to hear the Divine whispers from our heart and Soul. This is where the beautiful inspiration came from for my Creative Spark Game!

Imagine a game that blends art, creative scavenger hunts, journaling, meditation, healing, competition, fun, prizes, and community connection.  The key is to commit to showing up to YOU each day! That’s where the magic happens!


Creative Spark Game

How the game works

Everyone who purchases a game admission ticket will receive a link to a private online community prior to the game kick off. Starting on game kick off, you will receive a daily challenge that will assist you in showing up for yourself.  Your daily challenges includes a daily journal prompt, a fun art doodle topic to assist you in playing with your creativity, an inspirational meditation audio to help you move your energy.

Every week you will also receive a weekly creative scavenger topic to help you get your creative engines running.  You earn spark coins each time you complete your mini challenges, share your photos, and inspiration within the private community. These spark coins allow you to enter into the weekly and final prize drawing.

For more details about up coming games, Contact Shannon here.


Those who have already played the Creative Spark Game have this to say:

“I had so much fun playing the Creative Spark game. I have never thought of myself as particularly creative or artistic and that’s the exact reason I decided to play. It was a bit of a challenge to let go of any judgment about my doodles in comparison to the doodles from the other players, but once I did that, I felt free to experiment and just have fun. My kids thought it was so cool to watch me try that they checked in with me every day to see what I had drawn. Above all, I realized that it is not only OK to show up for myself every day, it’s pretty necessary and very fulfilling.” – Kelly H. from California


“Committing to play the Creative Spark Game was exciting and scary all at the same time.

I am NOT a drawer. I am not one to share. However, I knew I was stuck in a place and needed a way to break through. Playing the game did that. It was exciting for me to wake up to an email with the day’s instructions. I opened the email and did the meditation before my feet hit the ground.

One of the tasks every day was to journal.  I have heard for years that I should be journaling but never allowed myself to do it. Playing the game, I found a peace and understanding as to why it is important for me.  I have a new appreciation for journaling now.

The game did bring up an issue for me. The idea of having to be perfect. That every picture I drew had to really look like something or each journal entry had to be punctuated correctly. That I needed to be perfect. I was able to use the tools that Shannon has taught me to release the perfect pictures and resistance I was feeling. Before I knew it I was drawing and having fun with it.  I was able to find a space to be silly and have fun. I chose to allow myself to NOT be perfect and still love myself.

The game was a fun playful way to allow myself to experience new things. I would play again if given the opportunity to.” – Dawn S. from Texas


“Thank YOU so much! I had a wonderful time and it really did help me with this big transition (which is still ongoing.) I am saving each mini meditation to be able to go back and use them time and again.” Darren B. of California


“Committing myself to playing this game was just what I needed to turn my inner critic off and let myself create and play without the negative talk that has kept me from completing projects or just embracing my ideas. The results are a strong, positive impact on my confidence and creativity at play and at work!” Michelle S. from Washington


“This was such a great experience! I learned a lot about myself and creativity and had fun along the way.

I found the mini-meditations and journal prompts were quick ways to shift my energy and get in touch with my inner self.  And I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed the doodling, since this was definitely out of my comfort zone.

The atmosphere was very supportive and this helped me to let go of worries about my drawing skills and to focus instead on just having fun and experimenting with expressing myself in a new and different way.” Sue T. from Washington


Nothing on the books right now, stay tuned!

For Groups

Engaging talks, events, workshops and classes for organizations, businesses and groups

Shannon Knight delivers engaging, out-of-the box interactive experiences.

One of her biggest strengths is getting people out of their comfort zone and into a more playful, open minded posture. She has a natural ability to foster a welcoming environment where participants become receptive to learning and trying new things.

She loves exposing people to new kinds of tools. Her wide experience in hosting shows and events also comes in handy. She is known for bringing a lively buzz to the occasion.

Some examples of the kinds of experiences that she specialises in:

Workshops combining creativity, journaling and meditation

Shannon loves presenting unique experiences to help individuals connect with their creativity. These experiences are all about actually getting a person to get into greater touch with their inner wisdom and creative self expression.

Creativity, journaling and meditation all have unblocking abilities that help people express themselves more fully and more joyfully. These workshops combine the three to create unique treats for the introspective self.

Many people have trouble creating the discipline to do these kinds of activities on a regular basis. We all have a voice saying that we are not creative enough, or that we have more important things to do. But these activities are fundamental to our happiness and wellbeing. Shannon Knight’s workshops encourage individuals to colour outside of the lines and are great catalysts for positive change and inspiration.

Classes teaching meditation and/or mind body techniques

Meditation and mindfulness are now widely recognized as highly valuable practices by the scientific community, in the business industries and among the mainstream population. There are many positive benefits associated with these skills:

  • increased ability to manage stress and overwhelm
  • achieving a relaxed state faster
  • tap into creative abilities more easily
  • the ability to break out of inhibiting behaviours
  • greater levels of compassion, wellbeing and joy
  • increased confidence and improved performance

Shannon Knight has been teaching these skills for over a decade. She is able to teach these skills in a non-boring way and is able to break down the processes in a way that breaks with preconceptions participants may have. Her approach is practical and oriented toward results. She has a rich educational background, having taught under a variety of experts and after undergoing many years of training. She has collected many tools along the way and teaches these in a unique way that even the most ‘left-brain’ participants can get something out of.

Team Building experiences

Most team building events are dull with participants reluctant to engage. Team building events are an opportunity for individuals to grow new skills as well as create better connections between people working within an organization. Whether you are looking to provide your group with a chance to create better chemistry, or you want members to cultivate new skills and attitudes, Shannon Knight is the perfect hire. She can put together activities and lead them while doing it with a sense of fun. Shannon has a knack for ramping up the participation levels of even the most withdrawn and reluctant participants.

Hosting fun events, such as game nights and competitions

In need of a dynamic, enthusiastic host to lead a fun event? Whether it is a game night, show or competition, Shannon Knight is a perfect hostess that will keep the crowd engaged and laughing. Need someone to setup a curriculum of games? Shannon has you covered there, too, if desired.

Hire Shannon

Contact Shannon here to start an exploratory conversation about the kind of event you are interested in hiring her services for. She operates mainly throughout the United Kingdom from her base in Shropshire but can travel depending on the occasion. Shannon can host a wide variety of audience members, as she has experience teaching children, adolescents, working professionals and adults in all age brackets.


Remote Sessions

Shannon is available for one-on-one sessions over the phone and email. For over 10 years clients have been using these tailored sessions to:

  • help make transitions in life
  • return to a more balanced and grounded state
  • receive emotional validation and get unstuck
  • help reach clarity on decisions
  • to get mentored and have accountability
  • find the motivation and support to actually go after one’s passions
  • deepen one’s self knowledge
  • help troubleshoot the source of symptoms, psychological or physiological

Tune into your intuitive gifts and learn to harness them

With Shannon’s extensive training and education she also helps those interested in learning how to harness and cultivate intuitive abilities in addition to offering meditation and mind body techniques. These sessions are tailored to the client, no matter what their present familiarity or skills are. It is an excellent way to receive condensed training in a safe one-on-one setting, learning the core of many techniques without any of the fluff.

Teaching the teachers & coaching the coaches

Want to teach and coach others in mind body techniques and offer counseling or coaching services of some nature? Shannon is especially good at teaching others to teach and give you a deeper, solid foundation. She is often sought after by those seeking support in their goal of branching out into their own practice or honing an existing one.

Whether it is learning additional techniques or learning how to support clients even better, Shannon can help you with grounded, practical advice gleaned from many years of training and her own successful practice.


Shannon has found that the ideal session length is 30 minutes at a time, but you can book her at 15 minute increments for $50  per 15 minutes (30 mins = $100, 45 mins = $150). In British pounds the rates are 35 pounds per 15 minutes. To discuss booking her for a session, simply contact her here. Sign up to her newsletter to catch special deals on these services.

Required information before booking!

Please read the disclaimer and terms (link coming).


Check back here regularly as we add more links to Shannon’s off-the-shelf products.

Personalised for you!

Shannon also creates bespoke products, whether it’s a custom guided meditation with a script completely tailored to you, or illustrations that can be printed on any kind of product or an art piece. Get in touch with Shannon if you are interested.

Guided Meditation

Meditation on iTunes
Chakra Clearing Meditation – Single


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About Shannon Knight

Shannon Knight also known as “The Joy Coach” has made the UK her home after living most of her life in the USA.  She is a teacher, public speaker, workshop leader, team-builder, writer, illustrator, artist, and hosts the online podcast “You Can Reset.”

After receiving her BA in Fine Arts & Communications, and Masters in Education, Shannon went on to teach art, drama, and writing for 7 years in the public schools.  After the schools started cutting the creative programs, and focusing on “teaching to the tests”  Shannon knew it was time to go into a new direction.

Shannon then trained for 4 years as a meditation teacher, intuitive counselor and life coach.  For the last 12 years, Shannon’s main mission has been to help bring more joy into people’s lives through the use of meditation, intuition, healing, journal writing, creating art, connecting with others through team-building, and having fun through interactive games.  She knows that every aspect of our lives is affected by our emotional well-being.  Fun is vital and necessary for us all to live richer, healthier, and happier lives.

Shannon’s approach to teaching is practical, playful, and experiential oriented.  Her lighthearted approach reminds people not to take life and themselves too serious.  She always encourages people to step outside their comfort zone, to try new things, to connect with others, and more importantly, to have more fun in life!

When Shannon isn’t teaching or leading workshops, she can be found enjoying  walks in the English countryside, painting art, reading books, and cooking new recipes she finds off Pinterest.


Fun Facts

  • Over the years Shannon has done 8000+ one-on-one sessions with happy clients
  • Clients hailing from: USA, Canada, UK, Scotland, Ireland, Japan, Belgium
  • as well as the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, South Africa and Norway
  • Taught over 2000 students
  • 50 of which have gone on to teach others professionally
  • Hosted & guested on over 360 radio shows
  • Performed intuitive readings for 3 celebrities
  • Holds a BA in Fine Arts & Communication and a Masters in Education
  • Also completed over 20 different courses and programs
  • These courses covered meditation, holistic healing, spiritual techniques and intuitive training
  • Before embarking on her professional practice, she dedicated 1500 hours to learning and practice


How can I inspire you?

For many years people have been seeking me out for:

  • meditation training
  • practical mind-body techniques
  • classes and programs for teachers
  • private mentoring
  • team building workshops
  • overcoming blocks to creativity

My focus is on an individual’s growth, to help people come into their own, and help bring about more joy and authenticity in life.

Learn more about me, my services for individuals and groups or check out my current projects