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H.E.ART Programme

Shannon is super excited to launch her brand new H.E.ART, healing energy art programme into the world.  H.E.ART combines healing spiritual techniques along with creating art.  It’s a wonderful way to self-heal.  Everyone who takes this programme will learn:

  • spirit body communication techniques
  • how to muscle test for answers from your body
  • how to locate and release stuck emotions
  • how to run healing energies in the body
  • how to heal while painting
  • how to get intuitive messages from your paintings

The H.E.ART Programme will soon be available for in person workshops, and online self-study.  Be sure to check the Events page or Contact Shannon for more information.

Creative Spirit Cafe Podcast

Shannon has been busy behind the scenes recording, editing, and preparing to launch her new podcast called “Creative Spirit Cafe.”

Shannon believes we are all creative beings, and when we’re not creating or experiencing something new each day our lives can start to feel dull, boring, uninspiring, and even stuck in a yuck rut.

Her intention with this new podcast is to inspire everyone to create, whether that be just for fun, or to even share their creativity with the world.   Be sure to tune into each new episode as she shares creative tools, techniques and inspiration from other creative beings shining their brilliance in the world.


Nothing on the books right now, stay tuned!

For Groups

Engaging talks, events, workshops and classes for organizations, businesses and groups

Shannon Knight delivers engaging, out-of-the box interactive experiences.

One of her biggest strengths is getting people out of their comfort zone and into a more playful, open minded posture. She has a natural ability to foster a welcoming environment where participants become receptive to learning and trying new things.

She loves exposing people to new kinds of tools. Her wide experience in hosting shows and events also comes in handy. She is known for bringing a lively buzz to the occasion.

Some examples of the kinds of experiences that she specialises in:

Creativity Workshops

Shannon loves presenting unique experiences to help individuals connect with their creativity. These experiences are all about actually getting a person to get into greater touch with their inner wisdom and creative self expression.

Shannon uses a variety of fun themes based on the time of year.  Some of her favourite types of creativity workshops include combining painting, healing, and intuitive readings.

Many people have trouble creating the discipline to do these kinds of activities on a regular basis. We all have a voice saying that we are not creative enough, or that we have more important things to do. But these activities are fundamental to our happiness and wellbeing. Shannon Knight’s workshops encourage individuals to colour outside of the lines and are great catalysts for positive change and inspiration.

Meditation Classes

Meditation and mindfulness are now widely recognized as highly valuable practices by the scientific community, in the business industries and among the mainstream population. There are many positive benefits associated with these skills:

  • increased ability to manage stress and overwhelm
  • achieving a relaxed state faster
  • tap into creative abilities more easily
  • the ability to break out of inhibiting behaviours
  • greater levels of compassion, wellbeing and joy
  • increased confidence and improved performance

Shannon Knight has been teaching these skills for over a decade. She is able to teach these skills in an enjoyable way and is able to break down the processes in a way that breaks with preconceptions participants may have. Her approach is practical and oriented toward results. She has a rich educational background, having taught under a variety of experts and after undergoing many years of training. She has collected many tools along the way and teaches these in a unique way that even the most ‘left-brain’ participants can get something out of.

Team Building experiences

Most team building events are dull with participants reluctant to engage. Team building events are an opportunity for individuals to grow new skills as well as create better connections between people working within an organization. Whether you are looking to provide your group with a chance to create better chemistry, or you want members to cultivate new skills and attitudes, Shannon Knight is the perfect hire. She can put together activities and lead them while doing it with a sense of fun. Shannon has a knack for ramping up the participation levels of even the most withdrawn and reluctant participants.

Hosting fun events, such as game nights and competitions

In need of a dynamic, enthusiastic host to lead a fun event? Whether it is a game night, show or competition, Shannon Knight is a perfect hostess that will keep the crowd engaged and laughing. Need someone to setup a curriculum of games? Shannon has you covered there, too, if desired.

Hire Shannon

Contact Shannon here to start an exploratory conversation about the kind of event you are interested in hiring her services for. She operates mainly throughout the United Kingdom from her base in Shropshire but can travel depending on the occasion. Shannon can host a wide variety of audience members, as she has experience teaching children, adolescents, working professionals and adults in all age brackets.


Remote Sessions

Shannon is available via phone or online Zoom for the following kind of sessions:

  • Creativity Coaching
  • H.E.ART- Healing energy art

Creativity Coaching

Do you have a creative project that your heart longs to create? Do you know what you want to create, but just feel so overwhelmed, you just don’t know where to begin? Do you have a habit of moving forward, then freezing right before you’re about to bring your creation into the world? Do you let past failures let you believe that you’re going to fail again, so why bother? Are you afraid to birth your creation due to fear of what others will think? Or on the other end of the spectrum, are you afraid of success? Do you have a fear that by getting the very things you want, it means you’re going to lose what you have now? Do you wish to let your inner child out, so you can enjoy your whole creative process even more?  Do you want to learn how to self-heal, experience joy, and release old emotions while creating art?  If you said yes to any of these, Shannon would love to help you on your creative journey! By hiring Shannon as your Creativity Coach she will:

  • Give you permission to say YES to your dreams
  • Help you connect to your heart, so you can receive your own intuitive guidance
  • Help you create realistic bite size goals that you can accomplish
  • Act as your supportive sounding board, helping you come up with a plan
  • Assist you in communicating to your body when you feel fear
  • Help you let go the resistance that pops up as you move forward
  • Hold you accountable each step of the way through email, and phone sessions
  • Be your enthusiastic cheerleader cheering you along your whole journey
  • Encourage you to step outside your comfort zone
  • Remind you to have fun with the whole creative process

Right now, pause, and ask yourself “If I weren’t afraid, what would I create?” 

Know it takes courage to be honest with yourself.  If you are ready to bring your unique creations into the world, whether it’s a book, art, curriculum, creative side hustle, or even oracle cards, Shannon would be completely honoured to be your Creativity Coach.  Shannon combines telephone, and email support your whole entire journey, so you feel supported. Since each project is unique, Shannon, and you work together to come up with a personalized package, based on your needs, whether this be to meet weekly, every two weeks, or even once a month. Take the first step by investing in yourself.  Please note Shannon only takes a maximum of 6 phone clients a week, to help stay in energetic balance.

H.E.ART – Healing Energy Art Sessions

Want to experience an hour of healing energy art?  A H.E.ART session is designed to help you create positive shifts in your life by using spiritual healing techniques combined with creating art. We were all born to create! That’s when we feel most alive! It’s when we stop creating that we start to feel depressed, stuck in a rut, or lose our passion for life. Shannon believes we were all meant to use our imagination, intuition, and passion to create a life we love! A H.E.ART session can help you move into that direction by assisting you with:

  • Communicating to your body so you can understand what it needs to feel better
  • Releasing stuck emotions and stagnant energy
  • Running different healing energies in your body to raise your vibration
  • Communicating to Spirit to receive intuitive guidance
  • Listening to your heart & intuition
  • Boosting your enjoyment and pleasure in life

VIP Packages are available.  To discuss hiring Shannon as your personal Creativity Coach or for H.E.ART sessions, simply contact her here.   Sign up to her newsletter to catch special deals on these services.


Check back here regularly as we add more links to Shannon’s off-the-shelf products.

Personalised for you!

Shannon also creates bespoke products, whether it’s a custom guided meditation with a script completely tailored to you, or illustrations that can be printed on any kind of product or an art piece. Get in touch with Shannon if you are interested.

Guided Meditation

Meditation on iTunes
Chakra Clearing Meditation – Single


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About Shannon Knight

Shannon Knight has made the UK her home after living most of her life in the USA.  She is a teacher, public speaker, workshop leader, team-builder, writer, illustrator, artist, and hosts the online podcasts “You Can Reset” and “Creative Spirit Café.”

After receiving her BA in Fine Arts & Communications, and Masters in Education, Shannon went on to teach art, drama, and writing for 7 years in the public schools.  After the schools started cutting the creative programs, and focusing on “teaching to the tests”  Shannon knew it was time to go into a new direction.

Shannon then trained for 4 years as a meditation teacher, intuitive counselor and life coach.  For the last 15 years, Shannon’s main mission has been to help bring more joy into people’s lives through the use of meditation, intuition, energy healing, journal writing, creating art, connecting with others through team-building, and having fun through interactive games.  She knows that every aspect of our lives is affected by our emotional well-being.  Fun is vital and necessary for us all to live richer, healthier, and happier lives.

Shannon’s approach to teaching is practical, playful, and experiential oriented.  Her lighthearted approach reminds people not to take life and themselves too serious.  She always encourages people to step outside their comfort zone, to try new things, to connect with others, and more importantly, to have more fun in life!

When Shannon isn’t teaching or leading workshops, she can be found enjoying walks in the English countryside, journaling in cafes,  painting art, spending time with her husband Peter, and hanging out with their happy fat cat, Thor.

Fun Facts

  • Over the years Shannon has done 8000+ one-on-one sessions with happy clients
  • Clients hailing from: USA, Canada, UK, Scotland, Ireland, Japan, Belgium
  • as well as the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, South Africa and Norway
  • Taught over 2000 students
  • 50 of which have gone on to teach others professionally
  • Hosted & guested on over 360 radio shows
  • Performed intuitive readings for 3 celebrities
  • Holds a BA in Fine Arts & Communication and a Masters in Education
  • Also completed over 20 different courses and programs
  • These courses covered meditation, holistic healing, spiritual techniques and intuitive training
  • Before embarking on her professional practice, she dedicated 1500 hours to learning and practice

How can I inspire you?

For many years people have been seeking me out for:

  • private mentoring
  • creativity coaching
  • intuitive artist training
  • online classes and in person workshops
  • energy healing
  • personalized meditations

My focus is on an individual’s growth, to help people come into their own, and help bring about more joy and authenticity in life.

Learn more about me, my services for individuals and groups or check out my current projects